This procedure can help to give men a boost in confidence and an improved self-image.

Himplant, the latest implant by Penuma is an FDA-cleared penile implant designed for cosmetic male enhancement.

It was developed by renowned urologists and scientists and has been successfully implanted in thousands of men since 2004.

The Penuma implant is crafted from medical-grade silicone and is inserted through a small incision that is usually made along the scrotum. The "concealed scar" technique is used, which results in little to no scarring on the area due to the texture of the scrotum. While individual results may vary, past patients have typically experienced an average girth increase of one to two inches, with flaccid length increases also reported.

Is Himplant FDA-Cleared?

Himplant is FDA-cleared for the purpose of aesthetic penis augmentation. Himplant recipients have expressed great satisfaction, along with increased confidence and self-esteem. You can learn more about this procedure by reviewing the IRB-approved, 5-year retrospective review of 400 patients, as well as various patient reviews. Based on a multi-year study, the average increase in girth was one to two inches, and there were also reported increases in flaccid penile length. However, individual results may vary and any potential risks or complications will be discussed beforehand.

Penuma / Himplant Implant Design

Can you please tell me about the composition and design of the Himplant implant?

Dr. Gheiler in Miami offers the Penuma or Himplant implant, a state-of-the-art product meticulously crafted from medical-grade silicone. This sleeve boasts a texture closely resembling that of a natural penis. What sets the Himplant apart from other penile enhancement options is its absence of gels or liquid which can help improve its durability and longevity. Manufactured in adherence to stringent U.S. quality standards, the implant comes from an ISO-accredited facility.

The unique design of the Penuma / Himplant implant is such that it does not put pressure on the urethra, which is responsible for both ejaculatory and urinary functions. It gracefully tapers towards the upper shaft, producing an aesthetically pleasing contrast between the penis head and its body. A distinctive central ridge allows the Himplant to unfold in a butterfly manner, facilitating the patient in achieving natural erections.

Does Himplant Feel Natural?

The Himplant, offered by Dr. Gheiler in Miami, is designed with the intention to mimic a natural appearance and sensation. Before moving forward with the procedure, an in-depth consultation is carried out to evaluate if you're a suitable candidate for this minimally invasive surgery.

Patient comfort is a priority during the procedure. Anesthesia is administered to ensure a more comfortable experience. The Himplant, crafted from high-quality medical-grade silicone, is then positioned along the penis shaft using an incision in the scrotum, avoiding direct incisions on the penis. It's noteworthy that many patients are able to walk on the day of the procedure.

Here are the details regarding the Penuma / Himplant implant procedure.

What Should I Anticipate from the Himplant Procedure Offered by Dr. Gheiler in Miami?

The Himplant differentiates itself from other penile enhancement techniques by boasting a notably high satisfaction rate among patients. Nonetheless, as is the case with any medical implant procedure, there are inherent potential risks and complications. Some of these include the formation of seroma, scarring, and the possibility of infection. Dr. Gheiler ensures that all patients are provided with a comprehensive discussion regarding these risks prior to the procedure. Adhering to the provided pre-and post-operative guidelines can aid in minimizing potential complications.

Patients are also made aware of alternative treatments and the option of opting out of any procedure altogether. Certain methods, such as the use of fillers like fat and silicone injections, come with their own set of risks. There's a possibility that these fillers might get absorbed, leading to issues like skin deformities and the necessity for repeated treatments. Due to associated risks, practices like fat injections and the division of the penis's suspensory ligament are discouraged by the American Urological Association.

It's important to note that Dr. Gheiler does not recommend the Himplant procedure for individuals who have previously undergone treatments with fillers, fat, silicone gel, or similar procedures. The reason being, the penile skin may not be in an optimal condition to accommodate the implant post such treatments.

How is Himplant surgery performed? How is this implant inserted?

The implant is a subcutaneous penile implant, meaning that it's inserted beneath the skin of the penis.

The Himplant procedure is characterized by its meticulous approach, designed to ensure the implant integrates seamlessly beneath the skin of the penis. As a subcutaneous penile implant, the Himplant is tailored to reside directly under the penile skin.

During the procedure, the surgeon begins by making a discreet incision along the top part of the scrotum. This strategic choice of location not only reduces the potential for visible scar tissue in the pubic area but also leverages the unique texture of scrotal skin for optimal healing.

Following the incision, the implant is carefully positioned beneath the skin of the shaft. The Himplant's design allows it to wrap 270 degrees around the penis shaft, specifically avoiding obstruction of the urethra. Once properly aligned, the end of the implant is anchored securely with stitches just behind the head of the penis. This allows the Himplant to naturally extend forward in sync with an erection.

To finalize the procedure and promote healing, the incision is sealed, and a Jackson-Pratt (JP) drain is introduced. Typically retained for about 2-3 days, though the duration can vary based on individual needs, this device aids in the healing process by draining any potential fluid accumulation.

Viewers discretion is advised

View an Animated rendering of the procedure here.

Video - Penuma / Himplant Procedure

Penuma / Himplant results and function

How much does Penuma / Himplant increase in size? How big can this implant make you? Does it add length?

Based on our comprehensive evaluation of previous results, it has been noted that there's a typical increase in the girth of the penis, averaging between 1 to 2 inches. In addition to girth enhancement, some individuals have reported a rise in the length of their penis in its flaccid state. Nevertheless, alterations in erect length are inconsistent and largely hinge on the unique anatomical structure of each patient. It's essential to understand that results can differ from one individual to another.

What size of the Penuma / Himplant

What size implant is suitable for me?

Your safety and satisfaction are paramount when choosing the ideal Himplant size. Dr. Gheiler's team in Miami will conduct a thorough assessment of your unique anatomy, factoring in skin elasticity, available loose skin, and the initial measurements of the shaft, inclusive of its internal section. Based on this analysis, the implant will be tailored to be optimally sized, striking a balance between your anatomical structure, safety, and desired penile aesthetic.

Outcomes can be influenced by variables such as the skin's adaptability and the potential stretching of ligaments due to the implant's weight. Yet, our observations indicate consistent outcomes across diverse sizes of the Penuma implant. You can be confident in Dr. Gheiler's dedication to ensuring both your well-being and satisfaction during your Himplant journey.

I would like to know about the success rate of the Penuma/Himplant surgery.

Is the Penuma / Himplant implant safe?

Every medical procedure comes with its set of benefits and associated risks. To gauge the safety and effectiveness of the Penuma / Himplant implant, a retrospective clinical study was undertaken with IRB approval. The study highlighted that recipients of the implant often experienced heightened satisfaction and a boost in self-confidence.

It's worth noting that, as with many procedures, certain adverse effects were documented. For instance, there was a 3% incidence of infection and a 5% incidence of seroma or fluid accumulation. It's essential to mention that these complications often arose from patients not strictly following post-operative care guidelines. By diligently adhering to post-operative instructions, the chances of facing these complications can be significantly minimized.

To get a comprehensive understanding of the procedure, potential outcomes, and associated risks and benefits, we recommend viewing the provided video link. This video elaborates on what to realistically expect from the procedure. Furthermore, Dr. Gheiler will ensure that you are well-informed about all possible risks, benefits, complications, and available alternatives, including the option of not undergoing the procedure, during your consultation.

Please watch the following video, which discusses realistic expectations and potential risks, benefits, and complications of the procedure:

Are you curious about the different options for penile enlargement procedures?

The goal of these procedures is to enhance the size of the penis, but it's important to note that not all methods are safe or effective. There are several options available across the US, including surgery and other known operations.

Let's explore them together.

  • Himplant
  • Suspensory ligament division
  • Skin grafts such as AlloDerm
  • Penis fillers
  • Fat injections

Here's a list that provides a comparison of several of these procedures.


Name: Penuma / Himplant Implants

Cost: $16,000 to $18,000

Prodedure Type: Surgical Implant

FDA Cleared For Penis: Yes

Name: Division of Suspensory Ligament

Cost: $15,000 to $25,000

Prodedure Type: Surgical

FDA Cleared For Penis: No

Name: AlloDerm/ BellaDerm

Cost: $10,000 to $15,000 (Based on 3 Treatments)

Prodedure Type: Surgical Graft

FDA Cleared For Penis: No

Name: Dermal Filler/Fat Graft (Including Hyaluronic Acid)

Cost: $25,000 to $30,000 (Based on 3 Treatments)

Prodedure Type: Injections

FDA Cleared For Penis: No

Name: Fat Injections

Cost: $14,000 to $30,000 (Based on 3 Treatments)

Prodedure Type: Injections (After Surgical Liposuction)

FDA Cleared For Penis: No

Suspensory ligament division

The suspensory ligament plays a critical role, anchoring the penis to the pubic bone. There's a notion that severing this ligament might allow the deeper segments of the penis to project forward, creating an appearance of extended length.

However, it's imperative for potential patients to recognize that cutting the suspensory ligament as a method for penile enlargement is not advised. Not only is this technique fraught with risks, but it's also potentially ineffective. In certain cases, scar tissue formation post-procedure can, paradoxically, lead to a diminished penile size. Reinforcing this caution, the American Urological Association has explicitly clarified that this approach is neither deemed safe nor efficient for penile enlargement.


AlloDerm, often referred to as acellular dermal matrix, stands as a bio-regenerative substance. It's chiefly made up of organic components designed to promote cellular growth. Predominantly, surgeons leverage AlloDerm in medical procedures targeting the repair of damaged areas, notably in hernia repairs and breast reconstruction surgeries.

Its efficacy shines in surgeries where tissue regeneration is essential. Consequently, when applied to areas without regenerative needs, like the penis, outcomes may deviate from expectations.

Potential complications arising from AlloDerm-based penoplasty might encompass irregular aesthetics stemming from skin adhesion issues. The severity of these complications can vary, but in extreme cases, it may escalate to necrosis or tissue death. Furthermore, introducing AlloDerm materials poses a tangible risk of serious infections.

Penile enhancement fillers

Various fillers have been explored for penile enhancement, encompassing gel injections, PMMA injections, hyaluronic acid injections, and fat grafting. It's pivotal to emphasize that, although some of these substances may receive approval for applications in different body areas, their use in the penis remains unapproved.

Individuals contemplating the use of fillers for penile enhancement should be informed about potential risks. Notably, the body might metabolize and reabsorb these substances. Such occurrences can lead to pronounced deformities, imbalanced penile appearance, and enduring skin damage. Moreover, it's pertinent to understand that these fillers primarily contribute to a transitory girth increase, leaving penile length unaffected.

Fat injections

During a penile fat injection procedure, the surgeon will remove fat tissue from a fatty area of the patient's body and then inject it into the penis through several small incisions on the organ.

For those considering this approach, it's vital to understand the inherent risks. Analogous to other fillers, the body has the potential to metabolize and reabsorb the introduced fat. This natural process can lead to undesirable outcomes like lump formation or distinct deformities. Beyond potential complications, any augmentation achieved via this method is transient, necessitating periodic repetitions to maintain the enhanced size.

It's noteworthy that the American Urological Association advises against the practice of penile subcutaneous fat injections.

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Himplants can provide a boost in confidence and improved self-image, with thousands of procedures performed over 14 years.


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Himplants provide a solution to male enhancement that can resulting in increased satisfaction, and better self-esteem.

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