Erectile Dysfunction

Does Low Testosterone Cause ED?

T-level vital for male health.

Does Low Testosterone Cause ED?

It is no secret that having an appropriate testosterone level in the bloodstream is a vital consideration for any man that wants to be healthy. Having a level of testosterone that is too low could cause a multitude of physical and emotional issues that could be difficult to correct. Low testosterone is proven to cause some issues like weight gain, emotional issues, low productivity, fatigue, and lack of motivation. While these are certainly serious issues, low testosterone levels could also translate to more serious ones. One of the main concerns that men have when they reach a certain age is erectile dysfunction. There are many causes of ED, but does low testosterone cause ED? Happy Urolgy and our Miami urology practice take a closer look in the following article.

Can ED be Caused by Low Testosterone?

The simple fact of testosterone is that it is the primary driver of the male sex drive. Testosterone is directly linked to a man’s libido. If the levels of testosterone drop below the optimal amounts, men run the risk of developing erectile dysfunction or trouble maintaining an erection. Since erections depend on testosterone, having a lower level could directly result in men having increased difficulty in getting and maintaining an erection. As linked as testosterone and erectile dysfunction are, there are many other causes of this condition, which include a collection of mental and psychological issues. Some of the most popular physical symptoms include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and the hardening of the arteries. On the other hand, the most common emotional and psychological symptoms are depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. Further, those that suffer from multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, chronic back pain, and other neurological conditions have a higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction. So, could low testosterone cause ED? The answer is that there are many causes of this condition, and it would be difficult to narrow it down exclusively to low testosterone.

In What Other Ways Could Low Testosterone Cause ED?

Will low testosterone cause ED in people that exhibit some other coexisting conditions? There are many other symptoms that accompany low testosterone that could act as a catalyst for erectile dysfunction. This includes trouble with motivation and a lack of energy. One of the most important things that men could do is to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. When a man is suffering from lower testosterone levels than normal, they commonly lack the drive needed to go to a gym or exercise with their friends. Since erections depend on blood flow to the penis, having healthy arteries and great heart health ensure that men have a healthy circulation of blood all over their body, which could combat the development of erectile dysfunction. As mentioned above, erectile dysfunction could have a psychological component rooted in anxiety and depression. Having low testosterone could also lead to the development of anxiety and depression, leading some men to develop erectile dysfunction. Does low testosterone cause ED in men who are more prone to anxiety and depression? The answer is yes, and it is vital for men to continuously monitor their testosterone levels so that they curb their risk of developing these conditions.

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