Erectile Dysfunction

What You Need to Know About Penile Implants Surgery

Erectile dysfunction can affect any man at any age.

What You Need to Know About Penile Implants Surgery

What Are Penile Implants?

Erectile dysfunction can affect any man at any age. There are various treatment options like medications, pills, testosterone treatment, and injections. But some of those treatments may not work for some men. Some doctors might recommend getting a penile Implant. There are two types of penile implant procedures that can help with different problems. One is inflatable, and one is non-inflatable. The purpose is to help with erectile dysfunction and with transgenders. Sometimes it’s used to help reconstruct a penis, if necessary. Here, Happy Urology will discuss penile implants surgery, from how it works to how much it costs.  

How Does a Penile Implant Work?

Penile implants work to help maintain an erection or to help with cosmetic effects. The main two types are inflatable implants and non-inflatable. An inflatable penile implant consists of two cylinders and a pump. The two cylinders are placed in the penis, and the pump is in the scrotum. To achieve an erection, the person will squeeze the pump and the cylinders by filling them with saline solution. The non-inflatable implant has a surgeon implanting two flexible rods into the penis. The rods don’t change in size or stiffness. The implants are always semi-rigid, causing the penis to feel the same way. But people can move it into any position they want.  

Life With Implants?

After the procedure, it will take about 4-6 weeks to recover from penile implant surgery. People with both implants have high satisfaction with the results after the procedure. Some people report not having any loss of sensation during intercourse. Ejaculation was not affected after surgery. The implant leaves a small surgical scar that most people cannot see. When wearing clothes, the implants are not noticeable, so you can feel confident wearing the clothes you want. In most cases, the penile implant can last between 15 and 20 years.

How Much Does the Implant Cost?

The penile implant can cost around $14,000 dollars or more. Some insurance companies will cover the cost if it’s for erectile dysfunction. The majority of health insurance companies, however, do not cover penile implant surgery, and it will come out of the patient’s pocket. Some doctors offer a payment package pricing and give some discounts to patients.

Success Rate

No surgery is entirely free of complications, though about 90% of penile implant surgeries are successful. Some of the risks are.

  • Infection
  • Scar tissue
  • Pump failure
  • Fluid not properly draining

The majority of the complications can be fixed with additional surgery. The implant is still a mechanical device, so it has the risk of breaking. If any complications arise, contact your doctor immediately.

Happy Urology

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction and have tried many different treatment options, contact Happy Urology for a consultation or to learn more about penile implants surgery. We will help you with any questions or concerns about penile Implants or erectile dysfunction medication. We also offer many different urological services for your needs.