The world’s first FDA-Cleared penile enlargement implant for cosmetic enhancement.

What is Penuma / Himplant?

The PENUMA™ implant is the first FDA-cleared penile implant available for cosmetic male enhancement. Created by leading urologists, the procedure has been successfully performed on thousands of men since 2004. It can help men achieve the size, shape, and confidence they desire in their penis. The results from the procedure can add around 1 to 2 inches of girth and flaccid length. The procedure is designed to be short, with patients able to resume normal daily activities within days after the procedure. (other activities, such as sexual activity and exercise, can take weeks to resume after clearance by your surgeon) With high satisfaction rates reported, the PENUMA™ implant is an innovative solution for men looking to enhance their penis size and shape. As always, individual results may vary and Dr. Gheiler will cover the details with you during your consultation.

Advantages of the Penuma / Himplant

Penuma is the first 510(K)-cleared penile implant for cosmetic enhancement. Key implant and procedure features include:

Implant Features:
  • Significant potential cosmetic enhancements to the penis
  • Natural looking and removable
  • No interference with penile function in extensive clinical report
  • No blockage of, or interference with, the urethra (e.g., for future cystoscopy) in extensive clinical reports.
  • Manufactured in an ISO-certified facility under U.S. quality controls
Procedure Features
  • Short, outpatient procedure
  • No incisions or scar formation on the penis (small scrotal incision)
  • Short recovery time (the Penuma patient can return to routine daily activities within 2-4 days, while sexual activity and rigorous exercise take longer)
  • Strong track record of patient satisfaction
  • Low reported adverse event rate

Prior to any medical procedure, your doctor will thoroughly go over all the potential risks, benefits, and alternative options with you, which may include not having surgery at all. It's crucial to seek advice from a qualified therapist before making the decision to undergo this surgery. Your surgeon will evaluate whether the PENUMA/Himplant™ implant is the appropriate choice for you based on your unique body type, goals, and expectations, through online and phone consultations, in-person appointments, and any necessary questionnaires.


I am wondering if I meet the eligibility criteria for the Penuma / Himplant procedure.

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Backed by Science


Himplant is the first penis implant cleared by the FDA for enhancement purposes.

Have you heard of the Penuma / Himplant implant?
It's a unique augmentation that provides a tangible difference.

At Happy Urology, we strive to provide high-quality cosmetic male enhancement solutions. Himplant is made of a soft medical-grade silicone sleeve, designed to replicate the natural feel of the penis. It is produced in an ISO-certified facility in compliance with U.S. quality standards. Unlike other penile enlargement methods, Himplant implant does not contain any liquids or gels that could dissolve over time.

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Features & Highlights of Penuma / Himplant



Himplants is FDA-cleared implants that can increase penis size.



The Himplant is inserted through a small incision in the scrotum. The procedure typically takes 45 to 60 mins, and recovery is 6-8 weeks. Individual healing times may vary.


how is made

Himplant implants are made of a biocompatible, flexible elastomer sheath, and it is customized   to fit the unique curves of your penis.


instant boost

Himplants can provide a boost in confidence and improved self-image, with thousands of procedures performed over 14 years.


Male enhancement

Himplants provide a solution to male enhancement that can resulting in increased satisfaction, and better self-esteem.

Features & Highlights of Penile Implants
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