A vasectomy is one of the most highly effective forms of male birth control that removes the entryway that delivers sperm to semen in the vas deferens tube. It creates voluntary infertility, meaning a man who has received a vasectomy can no longer get a woman pregnant. At Happy Urology, a urology clinic in South Florida, we are experts at performing seamless vasectomies. Dr. Edward Gheiler is a vasectomy doctor in Miami that offers a safe and efficient option for men who wish to prevent pregnancy. 

What is a Vasectomy? 

A vasectomy is a medical procedure done by a board-certified urologist in Miami in which the vas deferens, the tubes that carry sperm, are removed. When the vas deferens is cut, the sperm can no longer be released from the penis. The results from a vasectomy are the perfect solution for men who wish to find a permanent solution to voluntary infertility.  

Rerouting sperm does not affect other sexual functions such as ejaculation during intercourse. One of the many benefits of having a male vasectomy done is that it can be performed under local anesthetic and requires little aftercare. After a vasectomy procedure has been done you can expect the results to surface within several months once your semen has been cleared of any sperm. 

Are Vasectomies a Safe Procedure? 

If you are planning on having a vasectomy done be sure to find a vasectomy doctor in Miami that is board-certified and specializes in men’s health. A vasectomy is an extremely low-risk procedure and has little to no side effects. 

It is recommended that after a vasectomy, men limit their physical activity for 24 hours and abstain from sexual activity for the first two weeks. Having sexual intercourse after a vasectomy may result in painful ejaculation as well as blood in the semen. 

Are Male Vasectomies Reversible? 

A male vasectomy can be reversed, a reversed vasectomy is performed by a board-certified urologist such as Dr. Edward D. Gheiler. A reversed vasectomy procedure is done under anesthesia and can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. Patients are cleared to go home within the same day of the procedure and recovery from a vasectomy reversal can take about 2 weeks. 

Vasectomies may be reversed several times, but it is important to note that with each reversed vasectomy the success rate to bare children becomes lower. 

Getting a Vasectomy in Miami, FL by an Expert South Florida Urologist 

If you would like to speak with urology specialist Dr. Edward Gheiler at Happy Urology about a vasectomy be sure to contact us at 954-932-7525. Dr. Gheiler has been performing successful vasectomies in Fort Lauderdale and the Greater Miami area for more than 20 years. At Happy Urology, we take men’s health very seriously and we don’t just stop there. Our urologist in Miami offers a wide range of urological services, such as Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and Penile Implant Surgery for men, and services for women as well. 

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