Pelvic Floor Reconstruction

At Happy Urology, we specialize in pelvic floor reconstruction in Fort Lauderdale and the Greater Miami areas. As a top urology clinic in South Florida, Edward Gheiler is a licensed urologist and surgeon that can help restore the structure and function of your pelvic floor. 

Pelvic Floor Reconstruction in South Florida

A pelvic floor reconstruction involves multiple surgical procedures used to correct pelvic organ prolapse. The method used for surgery to repair the pelvic floor will vary depending on which organ has dropped; it may be the bladder, uterus, vagina, or rectum. Depending on the severity of the pelvic organ prolapse, some parts or the entire pelvic floor may need to be reconstructed. 

The pelvic floor repair procedure is a minimally invasive procedure that allows the experienced surgeon to repair the pelvic floor without causing trauma or scarring. At Happy Urology, our experienced urologist harnesses the power of robotic surgery methods of pelvic floor reconstruction for a fast recovery and reduced risk of side effects. 

Pelvic floor reconstruction surgery can help restore the quality of life in women who have been affected by prolapse. 

What Is Pelvic Reconstruction Surgery? 

Pelvic reconstruction surgery usually includes a variety of procedures and urological surgeries that treat pelvic organ prolapses (POP). Pregnancy, surgery, and life events may cause the pelvic floor to weaken or drop and patients may develop POP as a result. 

Surgery to repair the pelvic floor is performed by placing surgical mesh in the affected areas of your weakened pelvic floor. The results of pelvic floor repair provide women with increased strength and long-lasting support. 

What Is Pelvic Organ Prolapse? 

A pelvic organ prolapse is a women’s health condition that occurs when the pelvic muscles weaken and cause organs with the pelvis region to drop or prolapse out of position. Once the muscles that support the pelvic organ – the vagina cervix, bladder, uterus, urethra, and rectum – begin to wake, the patient will feel pressure, discomfort, sexual dysfunction, and urinary incontinence. 

Benefits of Pelvic Floor Reconstruction 

Aside from its high success rate, pelvic floor reconstruction surgery provides women with long-lasting comfort. Robotic surgeries for pelvic floor reconstruction procedures are highly beneficial, minimally invasive with little pain, offer a decrease in the amount of blood loss, as well as a shorter hospital stay when compared with more traditional open surgeries. 

One of the biggest benefits of pelvic floor reconstruction is the correction of the POP that allows women to regain normal activities and function. Robotic surgery causes less scarring and a faster recovery rate to get you back to your daily lifestyle as quickly as possible. 

Risks of Pelvic Floor Reconstruction 

Like any form of surgery, some inherent risks come from surgery to repair the pelvic floor. Some risks of pelvic floor reconstruction include an adverse reaction to the anesthesia, excessive blood loss, and unintended damage to nearby organs, as well as the risk of infection. 

Additional side effects of pelvic floor reconstruction procedures include constipation, mild back pain, and painful defecation. These side effects of the robotic surgery may follow for a week after the operation. 

Pelvic Floor Reconstruction Specialist in South Florida 

If you are exhibiting signs of pelvic organ prolapse and would like more information on pelvic floor reconstruction, schedule a consultation with Happy Urology. As a leading urologist doctor and surgeon, Dr. Edward Gheiler is dedicated to finding a comprehensive treatment plan that works for you. Contact us today to learn more about POP, pelvic floor reconstruction, and more!

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