Minimally Invasive Penile Implant Placement

At our South Florida urology center, our urologist Dr. Edward Gheiler performs a variety of penile implant services to treat varying issues and concerns. Our scarless, minimally invasive penile implant restores erectile function for patients. 

The Procedure

As a treatment option for erectile dysfunction, this procedure is quick with minimal complications or morbidity. Our urologist in Miami has a 99% patient and partner satisfaction rate. This procedure is performed in an outpatient surgery setting. It is a quick procedure, taking anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. 


After the minimally invasive penile implant surgery is performed, a postoperative visit is required three days later, in addition to a second and last visit six weeks after the initial procedure. 

What Is the Recovery Timeline

Recovery for this procedure is fairly quick, with patients feeling slight soreness for up to a week after the procedure. After about six weeks, patients will return for their follow-up visit in which we will assess their readiness to resume normal sexual activity, as well as instruct patients on proper inflation and deflation of the penile implant penile prosthesis. 


Advantages of Our Minimally Invasive Penile Implant Procedure

Unlike pills and injections, which may be an effective erectile dysfunction treatment for some, our implant patients can perform sexual activity for as long as they choose, without restrictions. Our implant always functions, unlike medications, which have lesser rates of success. 


Additionally, injections and medications require some preparation beforehand. Our minimally invasive penile implant can be used spontaneously, requiring no prior preparation. 


For more information regarding differences in penile implant procedures, view our comparison between the semi-rigid vs. inflatable penile implant

How Much Does a Penile Implant Cost? 

For more information regarding penile implant cost and insurance information and coverage, contact our specialists today! We will happily answer all questions regarding any of our procedures. 

Other Urological Services

In addition to our minimally invasive penile implant procedure, we offer a variety of urological services for both men and women. These include kidney stone treatment, erectile dysfunction treatment, men’s health services, pelvic floor reconstruction, prostate cancer treatment, prostate exams, and vasectomies.

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