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Penuma XXL Size Before and After

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The Penuma XXL size is the largest size that the Penuma implant offers. However, just because it is the largest size, this does not mean that it is the right choice for everyone. In fact, one of the primary factors in determining which implant size is good for you relies almost entirely on the original size of your penis. Whatever size of implant you choose, the implant is designed to provide an increase in girth, flaccid length, and self-confidence. If you are wondering if the Penuma XXL length implant is the right choice or if you have already been approved for it, you may be interested in learning more about Penuma XXL size before and after. Continue reading below to learn more about Miami penuma and what we can offer you today. 

Penuma XXL Cost

The cost of the Penuma implant varies for many reasons. One reason that patients might experience a fluctuation in cost is because of different health factors that can complicate the surgery or make the procedure more difficult to perform.

Factors like the original size of the penis, whether or not the patient is circumcised, and if other procedures were done around the penis are all factors that can make the procedure more costly for someone. The procedure itself typically costs between $16,000 and $18,000.

Those that are not circumcised will need to factor the amount to have a circumcision done into the total cost. Adult circumcisions cost between $1,500 and $5,000 each. This cost varies depending on the kind of anesthesia that is used and where the procedure is performed.

Another factor that makes this procedure more expensive is the fact that most insurance plans do not cover circumcisions. This is because they are not considered essential to someone’s health but rather cosmetic surgery.

Costs such as these need to be taken into account if someone is considering Penuma or any other kind of penile enlargement surgery.

Penuma XXL Length

As mentioned above, the Penuma XXL size is the largest type available. The Penuma XXL is roughly 18 cm long, or about 7 inches. The thickness of the silicone implant is roughly an inch. Though much larger than other models available, patients qualify for their implants based on the original size of their penis and their health before the procedure. After having the implant inserted, this translates to an increase of about 2 inches in the length of the penis.

Penuma XXL Reviews and Testimonials

If you are interested in learning about Penuma XXL size before and after, you will be interested in reading testimonials from those that have already had this procedure done. Many people that have undergone the procedure to obtain a Penuma implant report that the accompanying increase in girth and length has improved their sexual function and self-confidence.

Some of the testimonials from the Penuma website are listed here: 

  • “Prior to the procedure, my life was full of insecurity regarding intimacy. It made me feel like avoiding sexual contact. After getting over the insidious feeling of having a procedure, my life changed 180 degrees. I no longer give sexual contact a second thought. It has given me confidence in intimacy with anyone. Life is good again.” – Brandyn K.
  • “ I researched this procedure for over two years. During that time, I exchanged dozens of emails that were promptly returned. I was comfortable with the procedure, pre-op-and post-op. I am very pleased with the result of my procedure. Wish I had done it sooner.” – Joe Y.
  • “I have been suffering from micropenis all my life. After reading day and night about different remedies and techniques, I nervously convinced myself to try the Penuma implant. I should have done it 10 years ago.” – Howard K. 

Our urologist in Miami recommends that you look through all of the testimonials for yourself on the Penuma website.

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