Penuma Surgery

Penuma Surgery in Florida


There are many different reasons that people choose to undergo Penuma surgery. For one, penile enhancements have gotten safer and more popular throughout the years. With the introduction of the Penuma in 2004, there was a significant impact and improvement in the industry. For those that are looking to complete the procedure in the Sunshine State, Happy Urology and the offices of Dr. Edward Gheiler are here to offer top services for Penuma surgery in Florida. If you are in the area and would like to learn more about what this procedure can offer you, continue reading below. 

Where Can I Get Penuma Surgery?

There are many urology practices that offer Penuma surgery in Florida, but none are quite like Happy Urology. Dr. Gheiler is a renowned figure in the field, thanks to his academic and professional experience. Perhaps one of the most important facets of Happy Urology that illustrates our vast expertise in the field is our doctor’s experience with treating conditions related to the prostate, bladder, and kidneys. This gives us a wide breadth of experience that is not easily replicated in other urology practices.

When it comes to Penuma and penile enlargement, you want the most experienced doctor available and one that is extremely well-versed in urology. Fortunately, Dr. Gheiler is one of only ten surgeons in the world who are trained to insert the Penuma implant. Being one of the best urologists in South Florida means that our experts are prepared to help you undergo this procedure comfortably and effectively. 

What Is the Penuma Surgery Recovery Time?

Since the Penuma is minimally invasive, there is a fast recovery time from the procedure. The fact that it is minimally invasive also translates to fewer blemishes or scarring on the penis once the procedure is finished. Put concretely, most patients are able to walk just a day after the procedure is completed, and they are also able to perform all regular sexual functions four to six weeks after the procedure is concluded. 

Is Penuma Surgery Safe?

Penuma is one of the most modern and effective penile enlargement surgeries available since its introduction in 2004. A study done by a respected group of doctors and researchers and published in the NIH National Library of Medicine explains, “The Penuma® implant can be used to safely enhance flaccid penile length and girth in patients with retractile penis or other cosmetic deformities. Should complications occur, they are mainly cosmetic and can be easily corrected with low risk.” 

What Are Penuma Surgery Results?

The Penuma procedure is typically performed so that patients can improve the aesthetic appearance of their penis. This is done in those that have retractile penis, mild penile indentation deformities, inadequate girth, and other related irregularities. Penuma surgery in Florida is often used by those that want to improve their confidence or sexual performance. 

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Happy Urology is a urology practice that is dedicated to helping our patients with their urological needs. Aside from Miami Penuma and Penuma surgery in Florida, our Miami urologist assists patients with other kinds of procedures, including Miami vasectomy and Fort Lauderdale vasectomy services. Our full list of services includes the following:

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