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Dr. Edward Gheiler, a recognized expert in erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment and other urological services specializes in revitalizing reproductive health in men and women suffering from different conditions in Fort Lauderdale and the Greater Miami Area. Dr. Gheiler’s South Florida urology practice has offices conveniently located in Miami Lakes and Hialeah. Dr. Gheiler has more than 20 years of experience assisting people with various urological problems and diseases.

Education and Academic Experience

Dr. Edward Gheiler earned his medical degree in 1992 from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, New York. After earning his degree, he decided to further specialize in urology and urological oncology by training at Wayne State University in Detroit. His expertise and passion for urology later led him to teach students at the University of Miami. His tenure as a professor at the University of Miami saw Dr. Gheiler publish many professional peer-reviewed research articles.


Over two decades of experience and education have made Dr. Gheiler an expert in helping men and women with their issues at our South Florida urology center. His skills, experience, and passion for treating patients has led him to help men and women with conditions like prostate, bladder, and kidney cancer, blood in urine, urinary incontinence, and enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH). Decades of experience paired with the use of advanced technology have allowed for complex surgical operations resulting in high success rates with minimal recovery time.

Dr. Gheiler also provides more specialized treatments for men and women suffering from conditions including prostate cancer, low testosterone, and erectile dysfunction (ED), as well as procedures for pelvic floor reconstruction, penile implants, and vasectomies.

While his treatments for erectile dysfunction are highly regarded, he has plenty of experience providing advanced urological services like complex endourology and penile implants.

Dr. Gheiler's Services

Dr. Gheiler’s South Florida urology center is licensed and experienced at providing the following urological services:

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