Penuma / Himplant implants are a revolutionary breakthrough in male enhancement technology

How much does the Penuma / Himplant implant procedure cost at Dr. Gheiler's Clinic in Miami?

At Dr. Gheiler's reputable clinic in Miami, the investment for the Penuma / Himplant procedure stands at $17,000. Our team is readily available to provide further information regarding the procedure's costs and the financing options we offer. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to set up a consultation.

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Who qualifies for the Penuma / Himplant® implant procedure at Dr. Gheiler's Clinic?

To be considered for the Penuma/Himplant® implant procedure at Dr. Gheiler's Clinic, individuals must be a minimum of 21 years of age and have undergone circumcision. For those who haven't been circumcised, Dr. Gheiler can conduct a circumcision before proceeding with the implant. Further eligibility criteria will be thoroughly discussed during your consultation. Notably, if a potential candidate is deemed unsuitable, it's often due to a prior penile enhancement procedure they've undergone.

When is it safe to resume sexual activities after undergoing the Penuma / Himplant® procedure at Dr. Gheiler's Clinic?

Following the Penuma / Himplant® procedure, patients are advised to refrain from all forms of sexual activity, including but not limited to vaginal sex, oral sex, and masturbation, until they receive explicit clearance from their Penuma / Himplant® surgeon. Typically, the recommended wait time before resuming sexual activities spans between 6 to 8 weeks post-procedure. However, individual recovery timelines may differ.

Once cleared for sexual activity, it is advised to use a condom and ensure you cleanse with antibacterial soap and water post-intercourse. It's crucial to closely monitor the penis throughout the initial months after the procedure, and any abnormalities such as pain, redness, or swelling should be reported to Dr. Gheiler promptly. Patients should also be cautious to avoid any rigorous or intense sexual activities during this period.

Could the implant be removed? Are there any potential side effects to consider?

The procedure is developed to preserve the natural state of the penis while inserting the implant. Your surgeon will take all necessary precautions to ensure that the penis is not damaged, allowing for the implant to be removed if necessary. Based on a study conducted in 2021, less than 10% of cases resulted in the removal of the implant due to adverse events or personal preference (i.e., dissatisfaction).

To ensure optimal healing after removing the Penuma / Himplant ®, a rehabilitation process is necessary. It's important to note that there may be a temporary retraction of the penis after removal. The rehabilitation process is critical in helping to regain any possible lost length. For more information about the removal procedure.

Does the Penuma/Himplant implant affect sensation, erection, or ejaculation?

Based on a comprehensive clinical study involving 400 patients spanning 5 years, no evidence was found to suggest any alterations in penile functionality, encompassing the ability to achieve an erection or the process of ejaculation. That said, a few patients did note changes in sensation—either heightened or reduced sensitivity. Typically, these sensory changes are temporary and tend to normalize as the skin accommodates the implant. However, it's paramount to understand that outcomes can vary from individual to individual. Dr. Gheiler's team will be available for further consultations regarding any concerns or questions.

Why is circumcision required before the Penuma/Himplant® procedure?

The introduction of an implant can cause phimosis, a condition where the foreskin cannot easily retract over the penis's head due to its increased size. For uncircumcised men, the Himplant® surgery can raise the risk of complications. One key challenge is maintaining impeccable hygiene post-surgery, which is notably more difficult for men who aren't circumcised. As a precautionary step, it becomes essential for those who haven't been circumcised to first undergo this procedure before receiving the Penuma® implant.

Typically, the Himplant procedure is scheduled about 10-12 weeks post-circumcision, ensuring the skin has thoroughly healed. We strongly recommend that Dr. Gheiler perform your circumcision to ensure the best preparation for the subsequent implant procedure. However, if this isn't possible, you may consider getting the procedure done by a trusted local physician.

Can I get the Penuma/Himplant implant? What are the requirements to be eligible for this implant?

The Penuma/Himplant implant isn't for everyone. Certain conditions and guidelines must be met for an individual to be considered:

  1. Age and Circumcision: Firstly, you must meet the age requirement and be circumcised. If you aren't, a prior circumcision will be needed.
  2. Previous Enhancements: Those who've previously had penile enhancement procedures using foreign substances might not qualify. These materials can remain in the penile tissue and hinder the organ from returning to its original state. Even after removal, the effects of prior materials can prevent the implant from fitting correctly and can raise the risk of complications.
  3. Overall Health: You should be fit enough to undergo anesthesia for the procedure.
  4. Substance Use: It's mandated that candidates refrain from tobacco use and illegal drugs for at least 30 days before and three months following the surgery.
  5. Expectations: It's essential to understand what the Penuma/Himplant implant can and cannot achieve. While it may enhance confidence, it's not a magic solution. Abiding by all the pre and post-operative guidelines will be crucial for optimal outcomes.

To truly determine your eligibility, we suggest reaching out to us at Happy Urology. Initiate the process by filling out our form. Post your preliminary assessment, you can have a more detailed discussion with our Penuma/Himplant consultant and Dr. Gheiler.

What is the purpose of using a compression sleeve (UroWrap) after Penuma / Himplant implant surgery?

This compression sleeve helps reduce post-surgical swelling and edema, potentially shortening the recovery period. During your initial follow-up appointment, the wrap around your penis will be replaced with a medical sheath called the UroWrap, which must be worn continuously until the drain is removed.

Remember to change your UroWrap daily and use a fresh one each time. During the first week after drain removal (or as instructed by your surgeon), wear the UroWrap throughout the day and while you sleep. If you are at home, take it off every few hours.

Remove the UroWrap before showering and leave it off for an hour immediately after showering to allow the penis to dry. After the first week (or as per your surgeon's instructions), only wear the UroWrap during the day and remove it at night. Remove it every time you shower or immerse yourself in water.

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Features & Highlights of Penuma / Himplant



Himplants is FDA-cleared implants that can increase penis size.



The Himplant is inserted through a small incision in the scrotum. The procedure typically takes 45 to 60 mins, and recovery is 6-8 weeks. Individual healing times may vary.


how is made

Himplant implants are made of a biocompatible, flexible elastomer sheath, and it is customized   to fit the unique curves of your penis.


instant boost

Himplants can provide a boost in confidence and improved self-image, with thousands of procedures performed over 14 years.


Male enhancement

Himplants provide a solution to male enhancement that can resulting in increased satisfaction, and better self-esteem.

Features & Highlights of Penile Implants
(La Bombita)



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